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Getting ISO Images For Proxmox VE

Using local ISO with Proxmox VE. In order for you to be able to create a VM with promox, we need to have an ISO on the server locally.

Mac OS Sierra Kernel task over 100%

Mac OS Sierra Kernel task over 100%

Disable Mac SIP Boot into recovery mode, After the noise boot into recovery mode ( restart and press Command-R-S ). This will boot in terminal recovery mode.

Ubuntu stop sudo password prompt

Ubuntu stop sudo password prompt

If you are working on a script that needs to be run as sudo we need to add out permissions to our current user ( or whoever will be running the script )

Creating a bootable USB drive from ISO on mac

Get a list of the current drives that are mounted. It will be something like “/dev/disk2″. Notice the number at the end, this is the most important part. The current format of the usb...

Kill zombie processes that opened a port

If you are having issues with running a script because a process already has the port open, in this error example, it’s port 3000 Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::3000 We can create a bash script...

Git remember credentials

When working on a project on a new machine, you can often times pull down a library and start working without setting a global config value for git.