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Raspberry Pi: Multiple wpa_supplicant networks

Imagine building a raspberry pi project at home that is dependent on wifi. Everything is working perfectly until you move that project somewhere outside your home network. You have to go find a monitor and keyboard to set it up on the new wifi. This process is difficult, time consuming, and stressful. I have had the pleasure to endure this multiple times throughout my projects. Especially when there is pressure to have it done for a public event. I was curious if there was a way to get the networks to be plug and play, where there would not be an issue when moving it from one place to another. Doing a bit of research I have found that you can setup multiple wireless networks on the raspberry pi. 


Networking your way to glory: Top IoT Conferences

Have you been slogging your winters and summers in your IoT lab making the next wonderful application? Or are you a blue-eyed enthusiast excited by the wonders of Internet of Things?

Networking is an art and conferences are the best place to practice it. You come across people who have been there and done that. Throw your ideas to peers and to big organizations that might be interested in investing in your dream. Let us have a quick look at the top IoT conference that will happen this year in 2016.

Night City

Best IoT Crowdfunded projects: Inspiring innovation success

The Internet of Things is still a new tech kid on the block. People are innovating and achieving the impossible. It can be tough to quickly make sales, also something you create might not have customers. This could lead to a problem. You might waste a lot of time and as a result, depletion of funds can happen. Worst case scenario would be if customers do not like the product. There is a way of tackling both ends of this problem, crowdfunding.  Crowdfunding has enabled innovators to follow their heart and seek funding from people. The customers get to use a prototype of the product and the innovator gets the return. Here are some of the best crowdfunded projects in the world of Internet of things (IoT):


How to become a Full-stack IoT professional: From Disciple to Sensei

Its Official, they were whispering and speculating about it. It enthused you earlier to know more but it is time for you to delve deep in the world of Internet of Things or IoT. With a constant increase in the demand for IoT professionals, it is time you graduate to the more serious scheme of things. So, get your Notepads out (Online or Offline, whatever suits you) and make notes of what you can do to learn IoT and not be ‘just’ aware it.


IoT Absolute Basics – The A, B, C and maybe LMN of it.

Everyone is smothered by news about IoT, “How Cool it is!” “It is going to change the world” “IoT is the way to the future”.

Tech circles are abuzz with phrases like these. Let us quickly skin through the basics of IoT, some popular trends, acronyms, and some amazing innovations by the tech world of IoT.


Are we there yet? A Reality check on IOT and who is actually using it.

IoT or Internet of Things has been talked about a lot. We have been promised smart cars, home devices that talk to each other, warm our food in the microwave from miles away and fly in IOT-smart helicopters (Well not the helicopter bit but since we are imagining innovation, its allowed to let minds fly high).  Cisco IBSG stated that there would be 25 billion devices connected to the Internet by 2015 and 50 billion by 2020. Billions of devices!! More than the number of humans that exist.


Week 1: Initial live stream thoughts

The start of learning / starting something new usually has a rocky start. There is a lot to learn when creating an entertaining and informative product. After my first week of streaming I have documented and put together a list of things to work on. Some things I need to work on:

  1. Have a better idea of what to accomplish during the stream / be able to explain it
  2. Stop over engineering things ( Start Small then expand after a strong base project )
  3. Estimate
  4. Do research prior to prove proof of concepts


2016 Goals

2016 brings an interesting time, goals set high, I have always wanted to have a consistent prototyping cycle with more pinpoint accuracy on estimating projects. On a weekly basis I am coding on numerous occasions but never document it. This year I am planning on changing that by live streaming the majority of my coding ( Unfortunately I can’t document my corporate work or the majority of my consulting work due to NDAs ).


The Internet of Everything, why should we care?

The Internet of Everything ( IoE ), also called Internet of Things ( IoT ) or Machine to Machine ( M2M ), the concept of technology having the capability to harness the power of the internet to communicate between devices. Now this concept may seem like a long shot but lets go over some history before we can truly grasp this new Internet of Everything movement.