Week 1: Initial live stream thoughts

The start of learning / starting something new usually has a rocky start. There is a lot to learn when creating an entertaining and informative product. After my first week of streaming I have documented and put together a list of things to work on. Some things I need to work on:

  1. Have a better idea of what to accomplish during the stream / be able to explain it
  2. Stop over engineering things ( Start Small then expand after a strong base project )
  3. Estimate
  4. Do research prior to prove proof of concepts

Day 1 Stream ( 3 hours )

I felt like I had a good head start and had planned everything out. Was making good progress but screeched to a halt when coding while I was tired. I need to learn where my stopping point is.


Day 2 Stream : Part 1( 1.5 hours )

Continued on from the previous nights code. Ended up shooting myself in the foot by over engineering everything.


Day 2 Stream : Part 2 ( 2 hours )

After taking a breather and scrapping the code. I built a clean and solid base project to start off of. This was a good idea due to the fact of not having to try to write code as I would in a real situation. After all this is just a prototype while being as cheap and cost effective as possible ( saving my time ).


Day 3 Stream: ( 2 hours )

It’s days like today where I really enjoy streaming, although I do wish logic could have been implemented faster and more efficiently. Today was a big win in the entire CRUD process of socket servers and laying the foundation of the year to come with the Internet of Things projects!


Day 4 Stream ( 3.5 hours )

Had a cheat day. Didn’t want to code on socket server but wanted to get some coding in. I fumbled my way into coding a widget that sits on this website and will only show when i’m live streaming. It is a subtle red button that asks you politely if you want to come watch me be a geek and code!


Total time spent: 12 Hours


Innovative, entrepreneurial and positively unsatisfied mind that constantly pushes the tech boundaries to create new solutions and devices that change people’s lives. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity of having a multi-disciplinary experience, which led me to wear the hats of: Architect, IoT Consultant (Internet of Things Consultant), Developer, Designer, Engineer, Server Admin, Consultant and Project Manager – to name a few. Based on this diversified background, I get projects done by following smart ideas and well-planned goals. In a world which is getting more unconventional by the day, I use unconventional ways, and a very healthy dose of integrity, to create devices and solutions that help companies go from a steady present to a dynamic future.

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