Ubuntu running .desktop application on boot

Occasionally you will need to run an application on boot. This could be a script or a full blown application. Root access or not, it does not matter.

We will be using the same .desktop app we made in this post. The goal is to have it run on boot when the user logs into the desktop gui rather than having to click the desktop icon.

Navigate to the  ~/.config/autostart folder, ( if this does not exist, you can create one using mkdir autostart )

Now we can copy our .desktop file we created in the earlier post into this directory and it should boot on load. Many of the options we added are redundant and don’t actually need to be added. In my situation I have my .desktop image inside my project folder ( ~/Development/my-project/start.desktop. I created a symbolic link to the autostart folder.

$ ln -s ~/Development/my-project/start.desktop ~/.config/autostart

Once we have the file in the autostart folder and/or the desktop, it should run whenever you reboot.


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