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Some fabulous weekend projects on Raspberry Pi for IoT

The weekends are for barbeque, long walks, movies, and beer. If you are a teetotaler, longer sips of Coffee relaxed in the company of your friends and loved ones. For the more introvert kinds, it’s time to cuddle close to a book or put on that Eric Clapton record and unwind.


Barbeque over the Weekend

But, you are here because you are interested in the Internet of Things and you are worried about the future. You have ordered your favorite Raspberry Pi kits, been listening to those IoT tutorials everyday on the train ride home. We are impatient and we like to build stuff.

Here are a few fun weekend projects you can try for IoT using your favorite Raspberry Pi kits:

Turning the Rapiro into an IoT device with Eclipse Orion and MQTT

The Rapiro Robot becomes an IoT device thanks to the talented Banjamin Cabe from the Eclipse foundation. Its one of my favorite projects (Definitely not easy but hell you are making a Robot into IoT, how cool would that be?!), and is a must try. This year I wanted one because when I am sitting at my computer and coding in a flow, I just do not want to get up. I would rather type into my tablet and R2D2 wanders over with my coffee and lightsaber. (yes, you have seen it in Star Wars or Chappie but, it’s true and here is proof). More info on Element14.com.

Temperature And Humidity Sensor

Knowing the temperature and humidity can be crucial sometimes. It can save your electronic devices from a lot of damage if placed appropriately. Because if either of those measurements ever hits triple digits you probably have a service call in store. For those beginning the learning process with Raspberry Pi this is a good early step. It’s fairly simple, though it gives you hands-on experience with sensors and network protocols. It’s especially good if you live in some sort of extreme climate: You can hang it just outside your office window, arrange for it to talk to your Raspberry Pi Web server, and have all your friends and neighbors feel sorry for you.

Get Whatsapp on your Raspberry Pi

One of the most celebrated and interesting chatting applications of our times is Whatsapp (people have literally started using it to run their business, reschedule meetings and what not). Whatsapp has become one of the most popular cross-platform messaging service with over 600 million users. Now you can send messages directly from the Pi thanks to a tutorial from emmeshop. All you need to do is to install the latest version of Raspbian, enter a few lines of code and confirm registration using your mobile device. This tutorial is a must try for those Chatting aficionados.

So, don’t wait anymore, get cracking, and make history in the world of Iot. Who knows what invention this might lead to, maybe a machine that talks to the aliens, just saying.

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