Renaming API gateway instances

Sometimes things happen ( serverless node in my case ) where a generated api gateway name is not the desired one that you want in the end. Renaming them is relatively straightforward ( yet nerve wracking ).

aws apigateway get-rest-apis

This command will return a list of gateway API objects that look something like the following

    "createdDate": 1111111111, 
    "id": "1a1x1aaab", 
    "version": "2018-04-04T01:01:01Z", 
    "name": "jons-gateway-dev"




Get the ID of the gateway you wish to update (1a1x1aaab) in this case. We can now run the next aws command to update the name

aws apigateway update-rest-api --rest-api-id 1a1x1aaaab --patch-operations op=replace,path=/name,value=jons-super-awesome-gateway


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