Raspberry Pi Email on boot debugging

Often when moving a raspberry pi project around it’s IP changes. whether it is on your home network or a new one, it becomes a task to figure out it’s IP.

There are plenty of scripts to trigger emails to be sent so I won’t go over them. A quick google search should bring up a few, for my project I used a python. Whatever the language may be, once you throw it into your boot config to run on startup. If it still does not send emails and you can’t seem to find any bugs with it. Even though it runs locally, you may want to enable the raspberry pi to wait for the network before booting. This can be located at sudo raspi-config > Boot Options > Wait for Network on Boot

Toggling this flag will ensure that you have an IP before the script runs and will work as expected and save yourself days of headaches of why you can run it manually but it won’t work properly on boot.


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