Davinci XYZ 1.0A 3D printer Repetier Host Firmware and Mac OSX

A while ago I picked up a Davinci XYZ 1.0A 3D printer. I mostly bought this for three reasons:

  1. Ease of use as I was just getting into 3d printing and wanted something that would be a good step to start printing what I wanted. This is done w/ filament cartridges that know what type of material it is and configures the printer accordingly.
  2. 7.8″ cubed print bed, this was the larger printer volume on the market for the price.
  3. Cost

After a few mediocre prints, I found out what some of the complaints were about. First is the EPROM chip in the filament cartridges. This seems like a bonus at first, but after you realize the cost per kg of the filament, you realize the price is obnoxious. You are forced into using their proprietary filament which is limited and expensive. There are ways around this like an EPROM resetter using an arduino.

I noticed I didn’t have granular control of the printer. I was forced into the settings they ( XYZ Printing ) wanted as well as using their software. I was fine with using their software if it actually worked. I hit a few fatal errors in the software attempting to upload a STL which gave me a hash error, It was enough to make me not want to use my newly purchased printer. In comes Repetier! At first, I was hesitant because I knew I could brick my printer but it was either that or attempt to make it better and usable. The worst case scenario was having to repurpose it’s hardware to build my own printer. Below is a collection of articles I used to successfully flash my printer with Repetier Firmware on my printer and Repetier Host on my mac ( although I used windows ( bootcamp ) to flash my printer to follow the tutorial step by step ).

I used this video to do the actual flashing. I made sure to watch the entire video before attempting, I had also setup the arduino software and drivers before hand so the wiping the firmware was actually the last part.

Flashing the printer

Customizing the Software

Printer Firmware and Software Setup

Slic3r settings

Leveling the printer

Additional Resources

G-Code and M-Code commands and what they mean


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