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  • Raspberry Pi

    People often ask me what is possible with the power of the raspberry pi. I’m have a tendency to buy numerous microcontrollers / cheap standalone controllers, just to see how they work and if they could prove more useful to me than the raspberry pi. The release of the Pi Zero for $5 pretty much put the nail in the coffin when it comes to IoT ( Internet of Things ) work for prototyping.

  • 2016 Goals

    2016 brings an interesting time, goals set high, I have always wanted to have a consistent prototyping cycle with more pinpoint accuracy on estimating projects. On a weekly basis I am coding on numerous occasions but never document it. This year I am planning on changing that by live streaming the majority of my coding ( Unfortunately I can’t document my corporate work or the majority of my consulting work due to NDAs ).

  • HTML5 & CSS3 No No’s, Tips for Maintainability

    Building a website? Looking to improve your html and css skills and not look like a fool? This is my list of HTML5 & CSSs No No’s, Tips for Maintainability, Now don’t get me wrong, if the job gets done and the client is happy you did well. What I’m talking about in this article is if any other competent developer sees you going against these guidelines you will be judged. These so happen to also be a list of my pet peeves and usually makes me want to punch small children. Anyway lets get started!

  • Top 25 Sites for Graphic Design Ideas

    Let’s start by drawing a mental picture of the moment we are all too familiar with. You have a great idea for a project, you know every piece of a project except for one thing, the design. The most amazing and frustrating part of a project, you are tasked with is creating the UI / UX. It must be something simple, memorable and most of all intuitive, or as most clients would put it, make it like Apple. Sometimes you need a little inspiration to design up something that fits in all of those criteria. This is my top 25 list ( in no specific order ) of sites I browse when looking for graphic design ideas.