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  • Renaming API gateway instances

    Sometimes things happen ( serverless node in my case ) where a generated api gateway name is not the desired one that you want in the end. Renaming them is relatively straightforward ( yet nerve wracking ).

  • Multiple Angular Builds for Blue-Green Deployments using .htaccess and AWS Elasticbeanstalk

    Bugs happen all the time, Many times bugs are presented in a production environment where the same code seemed to work flawlessly in a test or staging environment. Over the years of writing code that blows up in a production environment, I’ve come to realize the increasing need of a blue-green deployment strategy. The benefit of doing a Blue-Green deployment is that you can cycle servers between any environment ( swapping based on our url schema ) with the same code but build for different environments.

  • Creating a bootable USB drive from ISO on mac

    Get a list of the current drives that are mounted. It will be something like “/dev/disk2″. Notice the number at the end, this is the most important part. The current format of the usb drive does not matter as the dd command will erase any files on the disk.

    diskutil list

  • Kill zombie processes that opened a port

    If you are having issues with running a script because a process already has the port open, in this error example, it’s port 3000

    Error: listen EADDRINUSE :::3000

    We can create a bash script and execute it passing in the first parameter as the port.