2016 Goals

2016 brings an interesting time, goals set high, I have always wanted to have a consistent prototyping cycle with more pinpoint accuracy on estimating projects. On a weekly basis I am coding on numerous occasions but never document it. This year I am planning on changing that by live streaming the majority of my coding ( Unfortunately I can’t document my corporate work or the majority of my consulting work due to NDAs ).

I have made it a mission to build a prototype each month for 12 months. One blog post will be written each week to document the progress and supply updates. The purpose of this is to be able to reliably estimate costs, time and level of effort when building a prototype / proof of concept. Cost will be estimated using a rate of $100 / hr ( this depends per project in the real world ) along with the rates of any others I bring in for support as I see fit. The list below has a handful of ideas I have come up with that direct me in the right direction of where I wish to be for 2017. 2017 consists of plans of expanding my Internet of Things consulting work to be more stable and have more knowledge of the development cycle. This process will allow me to make a more formal decision on helping businesses become more efficient while saving money by leveraging connected devices / software.

This list is in no specific order with the exception of the first ( bolded ) item which has to be done to support the following projects for this year. I plan on picking 12 out of the list to do, one each month. If it is not completed in one months time it will be put aside and built on at a later time. All code will be available on github.

  1. Web socket server w/ web interface ( slack? / Mock Web socket event firing system?) 
    1. The purpose is to provide a websocket server that can store events in a database for charting
    2. Provide web api to interact with the data
    3. provide Slack chat interface
    4. Basic events firing when livestreaming / database entry for streaming status. Widget on this website to notify users of me live streaming
  2. Basic game w/ multiplayer support
  3. Connect four ( lcd screens? )
  4. Browser extension for tracking users on hub
  5. Plant soil monitoring 
  6. Bitcoin wallet cracker
  7. Looping louie ( lcd screens? )
  8. Battle bot
    1. Small scale battle bot ( 3d printed )
    2. Control via sockets
  9. Monitor 3D print jobs w/ emergency shutoff
  10. Raspberry Pi door entry w/ RFID / facial recognition 
  11. Raspberry Pi automated nerf gun
  12. Raspberry Pi web plc
  13. Raspberry Pi electricity monitor 
  14. Party blocks
  15. Raspberry Pi water consumption 
  16. Desktop wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man
  17. Soundcloud remake


Innovative, entrepreneurial and positively unsatisfied mind that constantly pushes the tech boundaries to create new solutions and devices that change people’s lives. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity of having a multi-disciplinary experience, which led me to wear the hats of: Architect, IoT Consultant (Internet of Things Consultant), Developer, Designer, Engineer, Server Admin, Consultant and Project Manager – to name a few. Based on this diversified background, I get projects done by following smart ideas and well-planned goals. In a world which is getting more unconventional by the day, I use unconventional ways, and a very healthy dose of integrity, to create devices and solutions that help companies go from a steady present to a dynamic future.

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